S Aranjanam | Shankar | Rajkumar | Jagathy Sreekumar | Sumalatha Aranjanam | Shankar | Rajkumar | Jagathy Sreekumar | Sumalatha
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Directed by Venugopala Menon
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Starring shankar, subhashini, radha
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  Aranjaanam (1982) is a Malayalam romantic movie. Starring Shankar ,Rajkumar ,Jagathy Sreekumar ,Sumalatha ,Subhashini ,Sukumari ,Kadammanitta ,Jose Prakash ,Kalalayam Radha ,Mohan, Ramji ,Mohan Paravoor ,Balettan ,Dharmman Marottikkal & others. Directed by Venugopala Menon. Love cannot be taken or borrowed it can only be given. This is the message of this movie. Since love is a very special and meaningful word to each human being. Each human being has his/her own thoughts about love to guide himself/herself to land safely and smoothly into the kingdom of Love. Without this preconceived idea of love, people would be acting like a blind person searching for the light with thousand of obstacles in front of him. Who experiences and losses it will be living in ruin. As usual this movie has a campus background and the scenarios of the beautiful Ootty. But to be frank it’s a tragic love story which happened among a couple Rajesh & Anu. Many people are not interested with a tragic love story, but it gives some enormous out views to understand the possible negative out comes which may happen in a romantic life. Also this story tells how people become so rude and heartless when they are selfish. We like beautiful and smart personalities, and usually it leads to a crush too. Many love affairs are starting like this. But like said. It depends on the other end too. In many love affairs the other partner is usually forced to love the other like a contract. Love should feel from inside, if your partner is behaving like not much interesting to you, this it shows she or her not loving you by heart. This is same for all couples including married. When your partner finds some one who is apt for her or him, they goes with them. This usually leads to revenge, the lost love turns into revenge. The end result may be big calamities and tragedies. This is the central story of Aranjanam. In this movie we may see all these type of charactors and personalities.
Like said this is the story of immortal love affair between Rajesh and Anu. Movie line is going as a flash back. Now Rajesh is coming back after jail sentence for un known reason. He is taking a car drive along with his friend Vijay. They are on the way to Ootty. He get down near the suicide point.Rajesh is now recollecting his memories of the past this is the movie start up. Years before he was also a young college bud, no worries and no tensions. Hazzle free life, Priya was his college mate, who’s parents were Colonel Menon & Padmini. They are settled in Ootty too. Priya loved him very deep. But Rajesh considered her like a friend. She always forced him to love her. As said in the intro she wanted him to love her unconditionally. Menon’s friend Nambiar and family came for a visit while they going to West. Their daughter is our heroine Anu. She joined with Priya. At the moment Anu & Rajesh met, their hearts locked at the very moment. Mean while Madhu who is a writer comes to meet Menon, who was being sent by Brigedier R.K nair. He wanted a calm and quiet place to write his new novel. Menon alowed him to stay in his guest house in the hill top. When he saw Priya he also feel crush to her. On the other hand Anu & Rajesh closer and closer. The cold and romantic valleys of Ootty became the portrayal of love. While every thing was going good, Priya came to know about the new affair. And she lost her mind, but she was not ready to “give up”. With the help of her mother she intentionally created some so called romantic moments, but Rajesh was far beyond her reach. Padmini started to locked her in to avoid her meetings with him. But she don’t mind her. Finally Anu’s parents came and took her off. Rajesh go to see her at night and take her with him, and and they decided to marry on the next day. So the climax comes in. So Will they get married? Why Rajesh gone to Jail? What is the so called hidden tragedy of this movie. Find out watch full movie.


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Padma Vibhooshan K. J. Yesudas and Swara Laya National Award