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“ANTHARJANAM (1989) is a Malayalam full movie, Romantic Thriller film, Directed by Quintin. Starring Babu Antony ,VK Sreeraman ,Jagannatha Varma ,Innocent ,Sidhique ,Ravi Menon ,Kunchan ,Appa Haja ,PR Menon ,Jayalalitha ,Aasa
,Kuyili ,Sravanthi ,Sushama ,Lalithasree & others. The women of the upper class Brahmin familes were called as “”Antharjanam””. Means the people inside.Antharjanam says the story of a Nymphomaniac, She is a typicla kerala woman, frm a higher cast. Her name is Nandhini. We may say this is one of the first attempts in Malayalam which says about Nymphomaniacs. In this movie, the social attitude towards such people are well drawn. Well, who is precisely a Nymphomaniac? Most common among men, sexual addiction is an overwhelming desire to have sex. Sexual behavior becomes a problem and is considered an addiction when it is repeated often enough to interfere with normal daily living. Addictive sexual behavior interferes with relationships, work, friendships, and lifestyle.There is a line between being enjoying sex, its peripheral pleasures and sexual addiction. In sexual addiction long periods of time are given over to sex-related activities. Sex addicts feel unable to control sexual behavior or even reduce its incidence. People with sexual addiction behavior often use sex as an escape from other problems such as anxiety, stress, depression and social isolation. There are a number of theories on why sexual addiction occurs. For example, psychological and emotional difficulties, personality disorder, as a form of coping mechanism, a result of childhood trauma. In some forms of mental illness sexual addiction can be a feature, in depression, bipolar disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder Some neurological disorders can, rarely, result in sexual addictions. These include epilepsy, head injury and dementia.
In this movie we may see a part picture of this type of people. Nandini is an educatd woman, she is good in charactor too, but unfortunately this mental imbalance makes her life more worse. Shari & Greyci are her best friends and old class mates. Where Shari is her neighbour. Greyci is living near town.town. Nandhini’s cousin Vishnu Namboothiri is a professional painter and he is living in Paris. This.This is her background. Like said, she feels a passion to each and every man she meets. All of the mistook her. Daasappan who is a native bachelor and a womanizer tried to make use of it. But he couldn’t. One day he came himslef into her Illam. But he was caught red handed. Nandhini’s mother Gayatri scolded and beat her at that night. On the next morning she gone to Geryci’s house without telling any one. Since Greyci know everything about her, she allowed her to stay with her as long as she wish. Nandhini’s father started looking her every where, but not found. Two days later Vishnu arrived. He loved her too. He also joined the search.Mean while Nandhni started to do the same with Sunny, who was working in Greyci’s father’s oil mill. When Greyci came to know this, she throw him away, and it lead to the strike of the workers. Greyci wrote a letter to Vishnu, but before he arrived she gone again with Sunny. But the police caught them from lodge before any thing happened. And Vishnu took her from prison.He took her to a phsychiartist and he prescribed for the treatment of three months. Both took a house near hospital and started living. At this moment she feels so relaxed and joyful. He sickness started to alleviate. But everything come to an end soon. One night she got into a clash with Vishnu and gone again. This time a bunch of traffickers caught her, a womanizer called Bhadran taken her. and the movie stretches to climax. So what may happen to her? Can Vishnu save her? Will she be cured completely? Findout. Watch full movie “Antharjanam”


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