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Movie Name
Directed by P Chandrakumar
Written by Ashwathy Thirunaal
Starring Madhu, Srividya, Sukumari, Jagathy Sreekumar
Music by Jerry Amaldev
Cinematography Anandakkuttan
Edited by G Venkittaraman
Released Year


Aana (1983) is a Malayalam action movie. Directed by P Chandrakumar. Starring Madhu ,MG Soman ,Captain Raju ,TP Madhavan ,Sreevidya ,Sukumari ,Jagathy Sreekumar ,Sukumari ,Anitha Mathews ,Indu ,Viji & others. There are some elephant story movies in Malayalam, saying about the passion and love of elephants towards men. But In this movie, the story thread has the smell of revenge, the revenge of an Elephant. Elephants are social animals so far. But the invading of humans into their territories and enslaving them for his needs turned the nature of elephants. Even if this is an animal story it has much resemblance  with the humans. If a child is growing up under the supervision, love and care of adults he will eventually turn into a good social being. On the other hand, if the same person is growing up under the shades of loneliness, crime and hate he will become a social nuisance. That is, if the circumstances are worse a man can be turned into an animal. We may fetch this idea from the core of this movie. Society considers such persons under the tag of criminals. they look them with hatred. But no one has ever drenched the disastrous story behind them. Even the media is celebrating the crimes, and the blames the culprits, but they never looked back their life. In the movie Aana we can a see a poor animal, who turned turned into a beast.
Rudran Namboothiri who was the head of Vaman cheri mana had a pet elephant named Chandrashekharan. He was very calm, quiet and obedient animal. Rudran was very powerful and influensive person. His twenty one year old daughter was Sharada. The elephant man had a crush towards her. He approached a wicked black magician to have her. With his magic tricks she came at night for him. When he tried to grab her she screamed, Chandrashekharan heard this and he killed him. But she fell unconscious . In the morning every one thought she and the elephant man were murdered by the elephant. So Rudran was forced to agree to shoot the elephant down. But the inexperienced shooter couldn’t kill him. Chandrashekharan ran into the dense forest with the bullet in his body. When Sharada woke up she told the truth to everyone , but it was too late. Chandrashekharan started his new wild life with the burning revenge and anger to all humans. He used to murder brutally every one who comes to his sight. There is a remote village near the forest, every one has been living there with the fear and anxiety.  Narendran took charge as the new forest ranger his wife was Shari and had a nine year old son. He got into disputes with Matchachan, who was a forest smuggler. Raju was an ex-forest ranger who had to sacrifice his life, job and family for being a committed officer. Aani is Mathachan’s daughter & Joyi is her husband who is the close friend of Narendran. Chandrashekharan continued his kills. When Joyi got killed by the tusker Mathachan brought Jabbar to kill Chandrashekaharan. There is a flash back story behind him too.  Movie stretches to climax, Jabbar & Narendran goes to forest for their final hunt. Who will win? Watch the full movie and reveal it.


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