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Kalayum Kaminiyum is a Malayalam language film. It was released in 1963. E J Philip, popularly known by his pen name Kaanam E. J., wasknown for his social novels. Some of them were made into films. He wrote a few plays too. One of his short plays, Kalayum Changalayum, became very popular after it was published in a Malayalam weekly. P. Subramaniam came up with the screen version of this play under the title Kalayum Kaminiyum. The film was also directed by Subramaniam.

Geetha (Shanthi) loves Ravi (Prem Nazir), an artist and renowned playwright. Geetha is the only daughter of his uncle (Thikkurissi). But Ravi is in love with his classmate Usha (Ragini). As time goes by Ravi make a name for himself as a playwright. He marries Usha whichleaves Geetha heartbroken. But she does not reveal the reasons for her emotional setback.

The gossip mongering servant Panki (Adoor Pankajam) spins stories and spreads rumours about Ravi and Geetha. This upsets Ravi’s peaceful family life. Usha starts suspecting her husband. Panki makes Usha believe that Ravi loves Geetha more than her. Ravi even goes to the extent of persuading Geetha to marry. But Geetha is adamant that she will not marry.

Prompted by one of his friends, Ravi decides to send an entry to a national level drama competition. The actress who was supposed to play the female lead falls ill just before the competition. Geetha offers help Ravi by agreeing to play this role, this despite her father’s opposition.

Geetha’s father dies while she is in Delhi for the competition. Ravi once again requests her to reconsider her decision about marriage. This conversation between Ravi and Geetha is misrepresnted by Panki. And Usha is made to believe that Ravi is going to marry Geetha. In a fit of jealousy and fury, Usha decides to take revenge. She takes Geetha on a car drive. Ravi follows them in another car. He meets with an accident and is hospitalised.

That is when news arrives that Ravi’s play is adjudged winner. But even before he finds out about his win Ravi breathes his last.

The film ends with a message that mutual trust is the foundation of happy married life; suspicion can only help ruin peace and happiness in the family, resulting in tragedy.

Kalayum Kaaminiyum [1963]
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