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Chaithanyam (1995) is a Malayalam dramatic movie. Starring Murali ,Madhavi ,Chithra ,Jagadeesh ,Narendra Prasad and others. Directed by Jayan Adiyattu. Chithanyam says about the revenge of man, Ravunni Nair to his father’s first family for not accepting him even after his father’s death. In the middle of the story he uses the religious conflict. In contemporary India, communal conflict remains a major threat to social peace. From Partition onwards, violent clashes between Hindus and Muslims have disrupted different parts of the country, with the Gujarat riots as a recent sad climax.A first difficulty is that we do not know how religious violence is different from ethnic, socio-economic or political violence. Many commentators have suggested that the Hindu-Muslim violence has little to do with religion, but that religion is used to conceal the real reasons behind the conflicts – namely, the self-interest of group leaders or the pursuit of political and socio-economic interests.

The ease with which such statements are made is proportional to the absence of clarity as to when a conflict is religious. It is not as though these commentators possess criteria to distinguish religious conflict from that which is not.Religious motives then make for religious violence. This conceals several difficulties. First, the problem merely shifts to finding out what makes a motive religious. Second, as onlookers or commentators, we rely on statements made by the perpetrators to reveal their motives. But can violent acts become religious violence simply because of such statements? Describing the conflicts in India as religious or communal violence does not help us to understand their nature. In fact, it has us miss some of their most striking properties.

In this movie Chaithanyam there is no communal violence, but we can see the fire of it to some extend. Like said Raavunni Nair wanted to finish his step brother Brahmadathan Namboothiri and family. Brahmadathan was a aristocratic personality who was well respected by all in the society. His sister’s son Devan became the fist victim of Raavunni’s revenge. Devan & Sreedevi,who was the sister of his friend Raja, were is love affair. And they got married too. Since she was and out cast, the couples were taken out from Aalathoor Mana. On the night of the temple festival, Ravunni tried to molest her and she died in the struggle. He framed Devan as the culprit and he was sentenced to jail. This is the hidden intro story of the movie. Savithri, who was Brahmadathan Namboothir’s daughter had a crush towards him. But he considered her as his sister only.Raavunni was a cruel hearted beast and a womanizer. He used to send his wife Karthu throughout temples for devotions and in the mean time he invites his so called girl friends to his tharavadu, called Thekkeppaattu Mana. His wife never doubted him. Appu was Savitri’s brother, who was an educated and unembloyed batchilor.

Raavuni’s next goal was Appu. He tactically trapped him with the offer of a job.Mena while Devan came back after his prsison life .  Ravunni forced Thomas to buy Brahmadathan’s land, he Raavunni’s intention was different. He framed stories regarding the land. He said  to Christians that it’s the holly place of Thomas Sleeha, he told to Muslims that it’s the holly place Khabar of Abdulla Mukri, To hindhus he said it’s the holly place of Devi. Thus for the revenge to a single person, he set a communal violence. Hearing this Brahmadathan Namboothiri fell down with paralysis. And the movie stretches to climax. Will Devan realize the truth behind his wife’s death? Will the communal clash end up in a mess? Find out more, watch full movie, Chaithanyam.

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