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Directed by Arjunan Pillayum Anchu Makkalum
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Starring Premkumar, Kanakalatha, Karthika (New), Mala, Aravindan, Sadiq
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 ‘Achante Ponnu Makkal” (2006) is a Malayalam dramatic family movie directed by Akhilesh Guruvilas. Starring Murali, Sai Kumar, Sudheesh , karthika and Others. Achante Ponnu Makkal is actually a reminder to our negative attitude towards the abnormal people.  As we know the society shows sympothy to such people to some extend. But that has a limit, after it they consider them as a nuisance. In this movie the story thread goes through such phases. In this movie there is two people age of 20 and 22. But their mind is still at the stage of 5. Manikkutty and Manikkuttan are that two fellows. Their father Achuthan Ashan  was a drama artist. Their mother passed away years back. But he hadn’t any wealth for his children.They all lived with Achuthan’s brother Balan. His brother in law is Uthaman, who is a contractor in festivals. Uthaman had a bad soft corner to Manikutty.
Movie starts with the intro of Manikkuttan. He is very agressive and a little back word in talking. But he was a bit stronger. In the movie as the movie goes you may find it. Since Achuthan hasn’t any job all the house hold expenses was bared by Balan. In the other hand he had a daughter Meenu. She is a tailor. But she is not getting any good marriage proposal because of these two. But she don’t take it as bad. She loved and cared them lot.Mena while Balan bared all the expenses and penalties that were caused by Manikuttan. He goes for small house hold or Shop Hold works but in every where he makes issues. Whatever happens Balan do not insult or Harass his brother or children. Becasue he was a very good brother. but his wife was not much font off with them. Mean while Uthaman tries to take  the advantage from Manikutty since she is ubnormal. This resembles the pathetc social culture that still hides in our families. Movie goes up with issues like this. One day a guy came to see Meenu, Achuthan locked his children in a room. But he was a great fan of him. When things are going like this, one day Manikutty got pregnant, at this point Achuthan lost almost all of his control. No one could resolve that issue. Upon the doctor’s advice they go on with delivery. But he Villain was Uthaman. He tried to kill her but by luck she got saved. So what may this complex screens going? Will Uthaman marry her.? What about the lives of Meenu and others? For all answers swich to full movie.


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