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Vinay Forrt, Simple in look and acting in simple

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Vinay Forrt, Simple in look and acting in simple

The Kerala cine goers are in love with the character Vimal Sir in “Premam”, the super bumper hit of last year, and whatever is the film, if Vinay Forrt is acting, the character Vimal Sir will come to their memory and the actor Vinay Forrt has been busy now and he is getting so many new assignments in Malayalam cinema.

Premam, the movie alone is enough and the talent of Vinay Forrt has been accepted, he acted very simple and also with enjoying the character and Vimal Sir has been popular all over Kerala and the movie without Vimal Sir is very difficult to imagine and in Premam, the character Vimal Sir is an integral part.

In Premam, the character Vimal Sir played by Vinay Fort saying “Java is simple, but it’s so power full”- these description about Java and performance of Vinay Forrt are memorable always, those who remember Premam, will remember Vimal Sir and through which the actor Vinay Forrt, though he may be a bald actor and looking not so charming as other heroes.

His exceptional talent has to consider, there is no doubt as an actor Vinay Forrt is a success and a lot of good roles are awaiting for him in Malayalam and Tamil.In this movie Premam, there are many other interesting sequences involving Vinay Forrt, and a very interesting seen in Premam is “Vimal Sir” is trying in vain to capture the love of Malar, the heroine and he is presenting his love to her with stammer and the audience in the theater wholly laughs without stopping, it’s a success of the actor.

His debut movie in Malayalam is Rithu, and the director of the movie is Shyama Prasad. The role of Vinay Forrt in Shyama Prasad’s Rithu is something special, and it was the role of a home sexual character and it’s a simple role. Though he acted in Rithu with simple role, the film was with a noticeable role in Vinay Forrt’s acting career and it’s a character very particular with its unfamiliar presentation of a homo sexual.

As a new actor enters in to the cinema industry, Vinay Forrt has obtained maximum fame and popularity through the film Rithu and director Shyama Prasad helped him to uplift his talents to a certain extent.But, there is a film “Apoorva Raaganangal” directed by Sibi Malayil has to particularly hinted, because this is the film in which Vinay Forrt acted very well and he has been noticed.

The role of Vinay Forrt in Apoorva Raagangal is a very different character role and it has given him much appreciation from all corners. And then so many same cliché roles came to Vinay Forrt,and he simply denied such roles, because he was not in mood to accept same patterned characters.

Shtter is the film in which Vinay Forrt has acted and he found himself as an actor in this film and shutter is the film which accepted by the audience to Vinay Forrtas an actor and there is no doubt Shutter the movie is a detour to Vinay Forrt that he has been proved a spark of an actor. Shutter is directed by Joy Mathew and the movie shutter guided him to the right way and an observer can evaluate his forte as an actor – before and after Shutter.

Vinay Forrt has acted as an Auto Rickshaw driver in Shutter and his name in the film was Sura. Now, he is a proven actor and enough confident to take any challenges, an actor must capable to take any burden in his acting career and Vinay Forrt is repeating his caliber in acting. Vinay Forrt is an actor, not much experienced, but he very specially studied the characterization of his roles , just remember the role of Vimal Sir in premam and  auto rickshaw driver Sura in Shutter.

Whatever be,the Malayalam cinema audience whole heartedly accepted Vinay Forrt and they liked him and they are  enjoying the Vinay Forrt acting. He is an actor with enough confident, and he has been proved his talent and there is no doubt, he will conquer Malayalam cinema industry. He is now getting good characters, and there is no doubt in future he’ll do so many best roles.

Vinay Forrt is an artist from younger age, he was a person with blessed talents. His schooling days are with talent exposures, and while he studying in his 4th standard he has been participating in school programs and he was a lucky student that he enjoyed the full support of his family while he was participating in art festivals and other acting programs.

From the very younger age, Vinay Forrt is an artist and he enjoyed acting, he was born talented and before he debt in cinema, He was experienced a lot with participating stage programs. He is a good mimicry artist, he is a good stage artist, and he is a good drama artist. In his younger age, he has participated in art processions and the acting group of children etc.

Vinay Forrt is a Pune Film Institute Scholar and this is the turning point in Vinay Forrt’s life and before he joined Pune Film Institute has been well associated with amateur dramas and also he was getting the fellowship of India Government and these are the qualifications of Vinay Forrt. He was a person very much experienced with theatres and stage programs and these benefited him a lot to acting in cinema.

Vinay Forrt has earned a post-graduation from Pune Film institute and he is a best actor and a true promise to Malayalam cinema. He has married to Saumya, a girl – Vinay Fort met her while he travelled to M.G University for a drama program. The marriage is with the full support of two families. Vinay Forrt has acted in stage programs and dramas for 10 years and he has an enriched background of acting art and we have to consider his un paralleled talents as an actor.

He came to cinema for acting, after well experienced from drama and stage programs. He is cherishing dramas in mind and he loves the cinema perhaps much more than dramas. Because, within a short span of time in cinema, Vinay Forrt has earned fame and money, but though he was an artist much experienced in dramas and stage shows he got nothing.

So it’s quiet natural he loves cinema and the Malayalam cinema audience loves him very much, because they witnessed the Vimal Sir in Premam and auto rickshaw driver Sura in Shutter and they enjoyed his characters. Kerala has found a talented actor through Vinay Forrt and Malayalam cinema has a tendency to up lift the acting talents of deserved ones.

We have to wait for the good cinemas from Vinay Forrt and there is no need of suspicion that Vinay Forrtwill achieve new heights of acting in cinema, because he is a person with much stock, he is a person with enough talent. Simply in other words, Premam the only movie will catch the attention of directors and producers and the unique performance of Vinay Forrt is plus point, Vinay Fort will become a shining star in the new heights of Malayalam cinema, the Malayalam cinema lovers are eagerly waiting to see the upcoming movies of Vinay Forrt. Best performances of Vinay Forrt is coming and the expectation of Malayalam cinema never fails.

Vinay Forrt, Simple in look and acting in simple
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