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The action hero in Tamil Sarath Kumar is well known all over India as an actor, he performed in Pazhassi Raja as a warrior. Now his daughter Varalakshmi is acting in movies and she proved her talents as an actress and heroine in Tamil movies and she has achieved a position in Tamil movies. She now enters in Malayalam movies and she acts as heroine opposite to Mammootty, the film is Kasaba the debut directorial venture of Nithin Renji Panicker , the son of Renji Panicker.

Varalakshmi believes her entry to Malayalam cinema, of course with Mammootty is very luck and she is in thrill to act with Mammootty. She is telling too much about Mammootty, that her father Sarath Kumar is a close friend of Mammootty and he is very elder and matured actor who has given sincere support and special care. She came to Malayalam cinema with her connection to cinematographer Sameer Haq and she joined the Kasab team.

It was Sameer haq who were introduced Varalakshmi to director Nithin Renji Panicker, thus he got the phone number from director Sasi Kumar and the result is the assignment Varalakshmi as heroine in the movie Kasaba. The character of Varalakshmi in Kasab is very special and she has told the media that she is very interested to act in so many Malayalam cinemas. If she gets good scripts and good characters, she is telling she will be fully engaged with cinemas both in Malayalam and Tamil.

Her next project in Tamil is opposite to action hero Arjun and  Varalakshmi is acting as a police officer in this move and she has much expectations about her role. And also she is acting in a Tamil Horror movie, she doesn’t know well talk in Malayalam, but she can grasp Malayalam while hearing the language. She doesn’t know talking well Malayalam. She is a student from a Malayalee Management school in Chennai, so she is grasping Malayalam – She likes to study and taught Malayalam and to dubbed by her own voice in Malayalam.

She has a dream to direct a movie in future, she is very wise and talented, no doubt she will become a successful heroine both in Malayalam and Tamil. A bright future is waiting for Varalakshmi in the Indian film industry, all the best. Malayalees all over Kerala are anxiously waiting for the releasing of Kasaba.

Varalakshmi Sarath Kumar
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