The Traditional Rite Guru Poornima for Pranav Mohanlal

The Traditional Rite Guru Poornima for Pranav Mohanlal

There has been a function recently held at the venue of Taj Hotel, It’s a Pooja ceremony for cinema, but not for one cinema , two cinemas were being undergone the Pooja, One is Odiyan, the Mohanlal hero oriented movie and the other one is for Aadi, in which Mohanlal’s son Pranav is acting as hero, at the same time there was the Pooja held for father’s and son movies Odiyan and Aadi , the same thing is the attraction of the Pooja function, many important personal were participated in the function including Mohanlal’s very close friends, many who being caused to created detour in his acting career, and many shared the silver screen acting with Mohanlal were Participated in the function. Ashok Kumar said , this is a very dominant moment, he was the first producer of Mohanlal’s first movie Thiranottam, it was four decades back, he said 40 years back I have produced the first movie Thiranottam for Mohanlal, now I am witnessing the Pooja of Lal’s son Pranav’s first movie Aadi, it’s really wonderful, But Nedumudi Venu told a different story, he said I have seen the growth of Appu very years back, while I visited lal’s house I have seen an amazing vision, both his hands on the floor and he comes forcibly moving his legs, I thoughe he is not a simple child, Mukesh said, it’s not with the c/o; the son of Mohanalal, but Pranav has to grow as the the father of Pranav, Mukesh blessed him, Mallika Sukumaran said, like his father Mohanalal his son Pranav has to keep good friendship, love and humble and of course with the dedication to profession. Antony Perumbaavoor said, I am a luckiest person that I got a rare chance to produce the movies of both the father and son, the function was an occasion of blessings.

The Traditional Rite Guru Poornima for Pranav Mohanlal
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