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Tovino Movie Produces by Dhanush

Recently the Malayalam cinema have seen some new younger actors with sufficient glamour and talents and Tovino Thomas is one of the hero enlarging the same features. Tovino’s recognized movies are Ennu Ninte Moitheen, Gappi, Goda, ABCD, 7thday, Esra, Oru Mexican Aparatha etc, Tovino has proved he is a successful hero and anti-hero, his newest movie is producing and directed by Dominic Arun , the heroine in the film acting opposite to Tovino is Neha Ayyar, there is a very interesting thing that the film produces by Tamil younger super star Dhanush, as everybody knows Dhanush is an actor who knows all the areas of the cinema , he is not only an actor, he is a producer, singer, director, distributer and of course he is an all in all for cinema, yes, he produces the Tovino Thomas movie in Malayalam, Dhanush’s production company is Wonder Bar films, and so far Dhanush produced some films under the banner of Wonder bar films and all the produced movies were super hits, the production company in tamil now reaches to Malayalam cinema and they found Tovino Thomas as hero to act in the film , the pre-production works of the film completed, star cast also in the move, soon the film will be going to start the shooting.

Tovino Movie Produces by Dhanush
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