The Ambition of Bipasha Basu in the New Year 2017

The Ambition of Bipasha Basu in the New Year 2017

New Year is moving forward and Bipasha Basu hugs a New Year ambition, that she has to act in a comedy cinema, Bipasha Basu is an actress who likes to tell jokes, and she enjoys comedies and with the same reason she very much desires to act in comedy cinema, comedy and humor are not an art imitate from others, not easier to copy from others, while asking her “are you interested to produce a movie? She said,

I am not interested to make a movie, producing a movie is not a simple matter, and I am not sturdy enough to take such a producing weight. She is telling, now the audience are very understanding about the realities, once the audience found villains are villains in real life, and they had seen glamor actresses too bad and now the audience are very knowledge about the realities in film field, and they’re now seeing everyone as stars and they gives the respect and love to stars. Bipasha is telling such a change from the part of the audience is really appreciable.

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