S Sweet melodies and the evoke of Ramadan luminescence Sweet melodies and the evoke of Ramadan luminescence

Sweet melodies and the evoke of Ramadan luminescence

Sweet melodies and the evoke of Ramadan luminescence
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Sweet melodies and the evoke of Ramadan luminescence

The relevance of Ramsan in the Malayalam cinema music

Ramsan is religious festival of the Islam followers, and in accordance with the Islamic tradition Ramsan is the 9th month in the luminal calendar. Ramsan declares as per the viewing of shawal moon in the western sky heights and it appears after the stringent fasting and food avoidance in the day time for 30 days, the prayers and fasting helps to get salvation from sins and those who pure in heart gets godly experiences.

Ramsan festival celebrates in the first day of shawal month, it has a combination of the end of Ramsan month and the begun of Eid Ul Fither celebrations. Whatever be, the Ramsan and the moon, luminescence etc. are very inspirational to poets and lyrics writers all over the world. We’ll find the enormous influence of Ramsan In Urdu poems and gazals.

The 14th and 27th nights during Ramsan season are very special and the moon and luminescence is inspirational to poets and lyricists. The Malayalam cinema whole heartedly hugs the linguistic possibilities of Ramsan and related natural enchant include luminescence. In the Malayalam cinema, there are some lyricists, very successfully used their pen to praise the mooning aura over Ramsan.

Some poets like Vayalar Rama Varma, P. Bhaskaran etc. were contributed some beautiful and meaningful Ramsan songs to Malayalam cinema, and these songs are very favorite to everyone where no cast constraints. The lyrics of Vayalar Rama Varma “ramsanile Chandrikayo” has to special mention, the music composer was G. Deva Rajan.

The song “ramsanile chandrikayo” would lead us to nostalgic memories. The film released in the year 1975 and the director was Shashi Kumar. Prem Nazir, Jaya Bharathy, Adoor Bhasi etc were the stars. In the scene Jayabharathi costumed as an Arabic girl and the evergreen hero Prem Nazir, the hero sings the song “ramsanile chandrikayo”.

The real singer was Jaychandran , he very beautifully sang the lyrics of great Valyalar. In the sequence the hero Prem Nazir praises the Arabic girl Jaya Bharathi and the inspiration is the luminescence of Ramzan. Here the poet in Vayalar Rama Varma found better Ramzan moon to exaggerate the beauty of Jayabharathi (Arabic girl) and the song gives a feel to enjoy repeatedly.

Vayalar soul mates with Ramzan, moon and luminescence and the song “ramsanile chandrikayo’ is very enjoyable where no religious burden is coming. And there are some other devotional Muslim songs everyone likes to hear like “aayiram kaatham akaleyaanenkilum, maayaathe makka manasil nilppu”(film”Harshabaashpam, director: P. Gopi Kumar, and Khan Sab the producer himself the lyricist of the song) The composer of the movie is M.K. Arjunan, Lyrics: Khan Sab, the producer, Harshabaashpam. K.J Jeshudas sang the song very beautifully.

Though this song created for a film Harshabaashpam, the song became a good devotional song. There are some songs related with Ramsan and very useful to hear in the same season. The song “Eid Mubarak”is an apt song, film Aakramanam, Lyrics: Sreekumaran thampi, music composed by Shyam. This song includes prayer and guidance and Sreekumaran thamapi holds the credit of this song. K.J Jeshudas is the singer of Eid Mubarak and really its good song.

In the year 1981, A film released “Sanchari’ produced by Boban Kunchakko and the direction by himself. There is song in this movie” Rasoole nin kanivaale”, and it was also a memorable song, music composed by K.J.Jeshudas and sang by him. The song is a combination of Arabic and Malayalam lyrics, and the song is not like a cinema song, it’s dominant and stunning.

In the dawn of Ramsan, the men, women and kids are coming to mosque to offer thanks and prayers to god, and the said song is better to conclude in prayers and celebrations. The movie “Eenaadu” released in the year 1982, and it has a song “Maanaththe hooripole, perunnal pirapole, manssunarththiya beevi”,, it’s a good song and Unni Menon is the singer.

The lyricist of the movie is Yoosuf Ali Kecheri, and watch the lyrics, “maanaththe hooripole, the meaning “heaven on the sky”and then says it’s like Ramzan moon and the same Ramsan moon is equal to heaven. The Beevi has exaggerated in to Ramzan moon. As you know, Yoosuf Ali Kecheri is a good lyricist in Malayalam cinema and he wrote the lyrics enchant with Arabic blend.

In the year 1983, there was a film released “Maniyara” and T.E Vasudevan is the producer, and director of the movie was Krishnan Nair , in the same film renowned poet and lyricist P.Bhaskaran penned for a devotional lyrics and it has to special mention for his talent to expose Muslim devotional songs.

P.Bhaskaran has been showed great talent to create traditional Muslim songs (Mappila Pattukal) and he was a blessed poet and lyricist. He wrote”Paarilaake kaarunya kanthalam veeshi saanthi maargam kaattiya Muhammed Nabi” – this song is very noticeable and it has the power to uplift the spiritual sense in every one who believes in one god. A.T. Ummer was the music composer and the song sang by K.j. Jeshudas and Jolly Abraham.

There is no doubt the luminescence and moon more over Ramsan are very inspirational to poets and lyricists everywhere, in India the Urdu poems, Gazals and the music branch of cinema were used the possibilities of the mentioned Islamic festival’s natural enchants. In Malayalam cinema, a few but the best lyrics writers took advantage from the seasonal glitz.

Renowned Kaithapram Damodaran Nampoothiri penned for a film “Boyfriend” released in the year 2005.The lyrics is like”ramsan nilaavoththa pennalle, rangeelappennalle, thankakkinaavinte kasavalle, kalyanappennalle”- in this lyrics he uplifts the moon luminescence and Ramsan, he very successfully exaggerates the beauty of the girl preparing for marriage. Kaithapram thought its better compare with Ramsan luminescence and he won’t find anything better than the same.

In the year 2011, a film released in Kerala “Aadaminte makan Abu” and actor Salim Kumar achieved national award for the film. It has a beautiful devotional song started as “Makka madeenaththil” singed by Shankar Mahasevan and Ramesh Narayan. This song is very touching and it gives peace and happiness, besides the song has the power to spread inspiration to those who seek real salvation and to touch the spiritual base of Mekka. This song blends with the thread of the movie and it has a unique entity.

The song reveals the fact, the inner psyche’s irresistible desire to join almighty god Allah. It has everything includes the ultimate prominence of almighty god Allah, the purity of Koran and more over the goodness of Ramsan season. Though the above mentioned songs were created for films and for cinematic situations, it gives much sheen and glitz for Malaya lee’s Ramzan celebrations, the songs still hits our ears and we likes too much. Happy Ramzan,

Sweet melodies and the evoke of Ramadan luminescence
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