Supriya, the forefront banner of Yesterday, again coming with films

Supriya, the forefront banner of Yesterday, again coming with films

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Supriya, the forefront banner of Yesterday, again coming with films

A surprise coming back, it’s about Supriya, the Hari Pothen banner of yester cinema joining Malayalam again after a long absence of years. The actor director Prathap Pothen will direct the movie and the scripting of the movie handles by renowned director Anjali Menon. The hero decided as Dulqar Salman. The title of the movie, yet to confirm and there were some pre notions about the title.

First, the film is planned by Maniyan Pillai Raju under his banner Maniyan Pilai Raju productions and he has withdrawn the project saying some reasons. Hence, the trio sons of Hari Pothen – Ashok Hari pothen, Asad Hari Pothen , Ajay Hari Pothen etc. and came to produce this film under the banner of Supriya, still spread the fragrance of old good Malayalam movies. Years back, there were 22 films produced under the banner of Supriya and a majority was big hits.

The masters like A. Vincent, K.S. Sethu Madhavan, Bharathan, PadmaRajan etc. were once associated with Supriya and it was a banner with an aura of producing quality films. Renjith of Rajaputhra visual media also associating with Supriya to produce this Dulqar Salman starrer and it’s a big budget 10 Crore movie, and the director Prathap Pothen says the coming movie produced under Supriya will be a different visual treat in every aspect.

The history of Malayalam cinema never completes without the banner Supriya and Hari Pothen. The banner Supriya has gifted many classic Malayalam Movies to Kerala Audience and their entry was with Ashwa Medham, in the year 1967. The super stars of olden days Sathyan, Nazir, Madhu and Sheela were the participant actors and the film was on the base of Thoppil Bhasi’s famous Ashwa medham and then produced Thulabharam, in which Sharada got the National Award.

Supriya, the banner became very popular and it has contributed so many good films with everlasting songs. The films like Nadi, Thriveni etc. are memorable forever and Supriya, the banner takes prominence with yester year’s best films and it gives the nostalgia to middle aged cinema lovers. After expired Hari Pothen, the banner Supriya also fade and slowly gone back, But Now, Supriya re incarnates to gift good cinemas again to Malayalam.

This film is Prathap Pothen’s 13th directorial venture and he has been proved as a best director. The Supriya films are (from 1967) Ashwa medham, Thula bhaaram, Nadi, Nakhangal, Nizhalattam, Thriveni, Itha ivied vare, Vadakaykkoru Hridayam, Rathi Nirvedam, Arappatta kettiya graamam, Aparan, Malootty, Uncle Bun etc. The director of the coming Supriya venture Prathap Pothan was once an actor, he acted in many films like Thakara, Chamaram and many more.

And, the again entry of Supriya is a bless and luck to Malayalam cinema industry and there will be chances for new classics and other quality films. Prathap Potham was an achiever of Best New Director (1985, Indira Gandhi Award) and the film was Meendum oru kaathal kathai. Whatever be, the next coming Pratap Pothen movie under the banner of Supriya , is a film eagerly waiting Kerala audience with much expectation and the high light is Supriya equal with the innocent charming prince Dulqar Salman.

Supriya, the forefront banner of Yesterday, again coming with films
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