The song of “Poomaram” getting viral

The song of “Poomaram” getting viral..

PPoomaram is an upcoming movie, in which Kalidas Jayaram, the son of Malayalee’s favorite actor Jayaram is acting as the hero, now surprisingly the song of Poomaram became very popular before it’s releasing, the song is viral in the social media. The lyrics of the song is like “Njanum Njanumentalum, aa naalpathu perum poomaram kondu kappalundaakki”, the song is very nostalgic and sweet to hear. The lyricist is Abrid Shine the director of Poomaram.

Fizal Razi is the singer and music director, he is a student from Ernakulam Maharaja’s College. After the film Action Hero Biju, Abrid Shine has planned a campus story Poomaram, he has created the story and then he has traveled so many colleges in Kerala for the cinema materials, including Maharaja’s college Ernakulam. Abrid Shine has collected the materials; actors, singer’s etc. are from the college campus. Maharaja’s Colleges former union chairman Nazil has helped Abrid Shine; Nazil has joined as the assistant director of Abrid Shine, thus he helped him by introducing many of Kerala colleges, through the same way Abrid Shine has met Fizal Razi, he played the song on guitar,

Abrid Shine heard the song and he liked it, then Abrid introduced Fizal Razi to compose the music for Poomaram. But, it was not the lyricist Faizal who sang the song in front of Abrid Shine. Faizal informed Abrid Shine that the song came in Maharaja’s college from and old student Sudheesh Sudhan, he was studied in the years 2007 – 2010, and the said popular song celebrate moodily sung by Vinod and group, they’re all Sudheesh Sudhan’s friends. Thus Abrid Shine approached Vinod and collected the lyrics , Vinod and his friend Kannan and other friends were the main promoters of this song, while they visiting Koodamkulam toddy shop, they jointly enjoys singing the song. The song released last Nov.20, Friday 2016 and within a very short span the song being viewed lakhs of aspirants.

The song of “Poomaram” getting viral
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