Solomonte Uthama Geetham A Vinay Forrt movie

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Solomonte Uthama Geetham.. A Vinay Forrt movie..

A love, thrill, comedy movie is coming “Solomonte Uththama Geetham under the direction of Aneesh Sukumar, The film’s scripting handles by Krishna Poojappura, it tells the story of a 100% honest ATM security officer. Vinay Fort presents the character of Solomon, Vinay’s character Solomon is a person who believes everyone, he is very simple and nice.

The film Solomonte Uthama Suvishesham producing under the banner of Maayavaram cinemas and the producer is Aneesh Rajan, Cinematography : Deepu .S. Unni, and in the film with Vinay Fort, a big star row is acting, the location of the film is Kochi, Mayyazhi, Ooty , Kozhikkodu etc. The film has finished the pre-production works.

Solomonte Uthama Geetham A Vinay Forrt movie
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