S Simran a Kangana Ranaut movie | Kangana Ranaut movie. Simran a Kangana Ranaut movie | Kangana Ranaut movie.

“Simran”, a Kangana Ranaut movie

Simran a Kangana Ranaut movie

A Kangana Ranaut movie is coming “Simran” based on the real story, as you know Kangana Ranaut is the Bollywood Queen , she is acting as heroine in Simran. Kangana’s character is Praphul Patel, the Director of the movie is Hansal Mehtha , the script writer of Simran is Apoorva Asrani, the film tells a real story, an Indian Nurse prisoned in America,

she was convicted for bank robbery and being nab by American Police. Kankana Ravath plays the role of Indian Nurse, her character Praphuil Patel has the chance to become a milestone in Kankana Ravath’s acting career. The shooting of Simran nearing completion at Atlanta, and after Simran – Kankana Ravth would join the sets of Rangoon directed by Vishal Bharadwaj.

“Simran”, a Kangana Ranaut movie
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