Sharada’s Tips for Maya Viswanath

Sharada’s Tips for Maya Viswanath

There was a function held to commemorate late ever green hero Prem Nazir’s 90th birthday at Nishaagandhi Auditorium Thiruvananthapuram, many of the heroines acted with the evergreen hero Prem Nazir decades back were participated in the function, the Thiruvananthapuram fraternity were aslo the part of the commemorate function of Prem Nazir, and the member Maya Viswanath also a participant and she being seated in the venue, she is one of the actress in Malayalam cinema, she is beautiful and came in the function with much attractive pose, Sharada the actress noticed Maya Viswanath and she called her near to her, Sharada met her and said “You should use your beauty and talents in a proper way, an actress should try to get opportunities without doubts, she may be doubt about her good time, whatever be I am keeping Maya’s look in my mind, will you come to act in Telugu cinema, if someone needs you to act in Telugu? Maya replied, I am interested to act in any language movies what’re waiting the audience, Sharada has promised her chance to act in Telugu movie, she brought the phone number from Maya.

Sharada’s Tips for Maya Viswanath
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