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Deepan, the director of Puthiyamukham and Hero now preparing for his next coming venture movie “Sathya” and Jayaram will be the hero in Sathya, and he is associating with Deepan who has been proved his capacity to creating action movies. Deepan is a director who knows the pulse of action movie lovers especially with youths. Pondichery is the location where Sathya is progressing, and the mixed culture of Pondichery takes importance with the story development of Sathya.

Deepan presents a strange theme in Malayalam cinema and it’s the story of poker and gambling. Sathya is very expert in playing cards (Bet games) and Sathya knows all the inroads of gambling (bet games) with playing cards and he is a person who never faced the failed situation in gambling.

From Cochin, Sathya prepared for a challenging and he entered Pondichery for bet games, unfortunately and he has been met with the fate of defeat first time, it was one Mr. David, who were also very smart in poker/playing cards who beats Sathya, and this down fall in game was a shock to Sathya and who were never experienced failure in gambling, it was the first defeat in his life, until this shocking moment Sathya was the No.1 and Mr.David, the Ponidichery based expert gambler who knows the tactics and shrewdness has beaten Sathya and in this situation he loses his money and David allows Sathya to play again without bet money and besides David handed a big responsibility on the shoulders of Sathya and he has been forced to obey the duties entrusted to him.

To keep the assurance given to David, Sathya strives and all his efforts were presents throughout a journey and the Sathya experiences many harsh realities and the film Sathya can be say as a “road movie”. After the completion of one day’s shooting at Poompaatta Flat, Thammanam, the entire Sathya team has shifted its shooting to Pondichery and the prime location of Sathya is at Pondichery , for the purpose of gambling situations, a set has arranged in a well-known Pondichery based hotel and the gambling scenes are planning to shoot in the central hall of the said hotel.

The art director Salu.K. George is the designer behind the set for gambling sequences. The first Pondichery sequences are shot in this hotel set and it was with a song. There are some other scenes are also shot and in this song sequence, artists like Jayaram, Tamil actor and director Raj Kapoor, Renchu Nelson,Roma , Nikhitha etc, are participated in this shots, The shooting at Pondichery has started with a song and dance presented by Roma and group and in this film Sathya, there are two heroines opposite to Jayaram and he is also participating in this song sequence and with Roma, he sings and dances with Roma.

The scene is like this, Sathya enters the dance hall (secretly) and he examines and evaluates the situation, and the movements of Sathya, and the dancing of Roma were shot. Kala master is the choreographer and she was with Priyadarshan for Oppam, and after she is working with Deepan for Sathya. In this film Sathya, a famous star from Bollywood is acting as David and his name is Rahul dev. Other important roles are keep in hands with Kiran Raj and Sohan Seenulal etc.

The scripting of Sathya by A.K. Sajan.The music composer is Gopi sunder. The cinematography is handling by Bharani.K.Dharan. The producer of Sathya is Feroz and the film is releasing under the banner of Shahanas movies. Anyway, the film Sathyam is expected to be a film certainly not in the same way of the last released movies.

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