Raja Mauli the Film Maker of Indian Cinema

Raja Mauli the Film Maker of Indian Cinema

Recently released movie Bahubali the Conclusion is the 11th movie of S.S Raja Mauli, he entered in to the film world as a director in the year 2001, his debut movie is Student No.1, he then day by day become the super director of Indian cinema, he has created the records no one in India have obtained, his records are beyond the expectation and imagination, his latest movie Bahubali being the highest gross income collected Indian movie in the history of Indian cinema, Raja Mauli is the son of well-known script writer K.V Vijaya Prasad and Raja Nandini, he has obtained many merits and approvals for national level and state level, within a short span of 43 years, he has achieved the national award, stat award and Padmashree etc. Raja Mauli’s latest movie Baahubali 2 is a film wholly changed the previous records in Indian cinema, the film totally changed the life situations of so many starts and cinema technicians, It was Raja Mauli himself took life to the story and characters, the Indian audience have eagerly waiting for the releasing of S.S Rajamauli’s newest venture.

Raja Mauli the Film Maker of Indian Cinema
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