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PULI MURUGAN , a Malayalam movie with difference

Super star Mohanlal is really an artist with keen on taking challenges, even high risks. “Puli Muurugan”is a Mohanlal starrer big budget action movie under production reveals the adventurous life of an animal trainer. Vaishakh is the director, gives much expectation to Kerala audience says “Puli Murugan “would be a film with lot of adventurous sequences where Mohanlal (Murugan) confronts danger with beast and it has everything to entertain each and every cine joiner.

Vietnam is the final location of “Puli Murugan” and Mohan Lal engages with physical strain and pain a lot for performing the character “animal trainer Murugan” and there are fights with tiger, truly adventurous keeps you tight grip on seats. Mohan Lal has given 120 days for Puli Murugan  and this big budget movie awaits the releasing date, but a volume of inevitable  graphic works are  needed, as it is essential for sequence specialties.

So the post production works of Puli Murugan seems with the possibility for prolong to certain extent and the main reason for uncertainty on the date of releasing met with similar fate. Puli Murugan , the movie – a Mohan Lal starrer still on wait for release, makes much hopes to cope with all enrichment of entertainment formulas.

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