Priyadarshan first Wrote the Script for Ramachandra Babu

Priyadarshan first Wrote the Script for Ramachandra Babu

Cinematographer Ramachandra Babu is best camera man who has re correct the historical moments in Malayalam cinema by working for so many films as camera man, he worked as a cinematographer for un paralleled directors like Hariharan and K.G George, they both are comparatively good directors in the main stream Malayalam cinema, there were many expert cinematographers of Malayalam cinema later became directors , at present well known and favorite camera man of Malayalam cinema Sri Ramachandra Babu is going to be direct a Malayalam cinema for the first time, the film is Professor Dinkan , Dileep is acting in the film as hero, it was decades back there was an ambition to became a director in the thoughts of camera man Ramachandra Babu.

he was associating with the movie Padayottam , while at the time of the scriptiang completed Rama Chandra Babu asked Priya Darshan to write a script for him. Hence, Priyadarshan Reched Chennai and completed a script as per the interest of Ramachandra Babu, it was B.B.K Menon the producer of the project, but at the same time he has associated with Doctor Balakrishnan and produced a movie titled Sindoora Sandhyakku Maunam, the film became a flop and as the consequence of the cinema failure, producer Menon not produced other films for a short duration of time, and Priyans scripting project never been a reality. But at the same time Priyadarashan has created story and scripted for many producers and being noticed in Malayalam cinema, and he became a director though his debut directorial venture Poochchakkoru Mukkootthy, after some gap of time span, Priyadarshan has asked back the script from B.B.K Menon, thus he bring back his script and made a cinema, the film directed by Priyan himself, the film was Onnanam Kunnil Oradi Kunnil, based on Priyan’s forst scripting for cinema.

Priyadarshan first Wrote the Script for Ramachandra Babu
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