S Prithviraj Announces Controversial Linguistics

Prithviraj Announces Controversial Linguistics

Prithviraj Announces Controversial Linguistics

I am person against the star concept, I was earlier told the medias about this, telling Prithviraj and he repeats the super star concept has to root out from the film world, I never thinks that everything related with cinema have to surrounded with the super star, see what’s happening here in south Indian film world, if I being assigned to act in a movie after I had given my date to a producer and to work under a director, I am thinking I am the center point and everything should revolved and everything have to adjust with mu call sheet.

Unfortunately, I am a person never believes to create a cinema like this attitude, even me forced many producers for waiting for my call sheet for a long duration up to fice and six years, but these actions were not purposefully happened, Prithviraj underlines, by the reason only a person is a superstar all projects should surround him is absolutely not a good act and I would never going to cooperate with such bad attitudes, I strongly oppose such a tendency.

Prithviraj Announces Controversial Linguistics
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