Is Prabhas Would Marry Anushka? Why Anushka Unconsciously Fell Down

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Is Prabhas Would Marry Anushka? Why Anushka Unconsciously Fell Down

In the year 2017, there was an amaze – yeas a biggest wonderful happening occurred in the history of Indian cinema, it was the releasing and stunning super-duper success of Bahubali the movie, the 2017 releasing was the second part Bahubali the conclusion. Both the movies, in the first part and in the second part, it was Prabhas and Anushka are the hero and heroine, Prahas the hero earned 25 Million as remuneration for the movie Bahu Bali, Prabhas is a multimillionaire and still un married, there are numerous beautiful women are looking Prabhas to marry, the list of women includes IAS, IPS, Doctors and Engineers etc. tries to occupy Prabhas, but he is telling he never reached the age for marry and whenever the time favor he/ll be meet with the marriage to reality, he published such a note, but there is a news circulates in south India that the reason Prabhas yet not marrying is because of Prabhas family members found a beautiful girl whom Prabhas knows very much, its non-other than the enchanting beauty queen Anushka, who played the heroine opposite to Prabhas in BahuBali, but there is a back stage hidden talking is that Anushka secretly made happiness to Prabhas, the reason behind Anushka pierced Prabhas is to marry her, she believes Prabhas would soon marry her.

Between these cine hassles the relatives of Prabhas questioned him, But Prabhas told them that, I have no relationship with Anushka, and if any doubt you have the freedom to search for another girl proposal and the family members have searched for another marriage proposal for Prabhas. While hearing this news, Anushka fell down unconscious; she thought Prabhas tried a cheating on her steal everything from her, hence Anushka recovered her conscious after Prabhas himself told her that his family members never looking for another marriage proposal and all being known were fake news , then something to wait and see, does Prabhas would marry Anushka?

Is Prabhas Would Marry Anushka? Why Anushka Unconsciously Fell Down
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