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Oru Bombu Katha taken only 45 days for shooting

Oru Bombu Katha taken only 45 days for shooting

This brief is about the recently released movie Bombu Katha, director Shafi has completed the film shooting in 45 days. As you know, Shafi is a director with a golden touch, a majority of his released Malayalam movies were super hits. Shafi’s most recent released movie is Oru Pazhaya Bombu Katha, there is a common saying about Shafi “he is a director tries to safe the producer.

Because all of the Shafi directed movies is collected average or more than, yes Shafi gives minimum guarantee to all of his producers. His last released movie Oru Bombu Katha taken only 45 days for shooting and there is story behind the Bomb story Oru Bombu Katha. Before the mentioned movie Shafi has directed a super hit movie Two (2) Countries, released only a few years back, Dileep was the hero and Mamtha Mohandas played the heroine character opposite to Dileep.

The producer of 2 Countries is Rejaputhra Renjith, before he assigning Shafi to direct the mentioned mega hit, he has been produced some movies, he frequently experienced the failures and the movies were not being a part of the history of successful movies.

Thus he worried of his failure movies and during this time he assigned Shafi for 2 Countries. The film became a super duper hit all over the released stations, and the producer Rejaputhra Renjith has gifted a super luxury car to Shafi.

This is a flash back, and while saying about Oru Pazhaya Bombu Katha, the producer Alwin Antony told him, if you finish the movie within 40 days, I’ll gift you 10 pawns of gold, he took the challenge from the producer strived to finish the movie,but the film completed the shooting only within 45 days, The producer has given 5 pawns to Rejaputhra Renjith and cinematographer Vinod Illampilly. The experiments of the mentioned producers Rejaputhra Renjith and Alwyn Antony etc have to try other producers who’re preparing for new productions.

Oru Bombu Katha taken only 45 days for shooting
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