Not Willing to Say Anything About Madam: Pulsar Suni

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Not Willing to Say Anything About Madam: Pulsar Suni

One of the main accused in actress molestation case Pulsar Suni says he is not willing to say anything about “madam”, perhaps such dialogues about “madam” will be a trick to mislead the investigation and re investigation of Kerala Police, Or someone have created a script in which purposefully tries to hurt the main culprit, whatever be Pulsar Suni said, I am not interested to say even a single word about madam.

Pulsar Suni purposefully makes fooling everyone by saying like will say today, will say tomorrow, and last he said, absolutely not interested to say anything about Pulsar Suni, but amazingly and unfortunately a large number of people believes him, The investigation team in the Keral Police and the Court are losing their valued time, which is the believable term or not? The Keralites are also in confusion about what to believe, the Police is still on the back of this case even not considering day or night. Now, the Dileep topic is like something not cleared, whatever be, we have to wait until the truth comes out, still there is a question, Is really Dileep a convict.

Not Willing to Say Anything About Madam: Pulsar Suni
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