Nayanthara makes conditions for her Lover Vignesh

Nayanthara makes conditions for her Lover Vignesh

South Indian heroine Queen Nayanthara demands conditions for the uplifting of her lover and hubby Vignesh, it was director Atlee who assigned Nayanthara to act as heroine opposite to superstar Vijay trapped with the burden of Nayanthara’s ill-treats, Atlee and Vijay have experienced the bitterness of Nayan’s. She demands in front of them that her future husband Vignesh has to direct in the film and if they accept the deal, she will associate with the movie.

Director Atlee said, If studied the script, there is no suitable heroine except Nayanthara to act the film. But if Nayanthara is the heroine of the movie, the film has to be directed by Vignesh himself. This new deal has pushed Atlee into a state of Dilemma, If the cinema and the individual relationships shuffled, there would be the chance for hassles. Whatever be, superstar Vijay has not yet decided anything about Nayanthara’s immature decision.

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