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Is Nayanthara Would Act as Seetha?

In Tamil cinema world it’s a trend of horror movies, especially ghost stories, the main talking in the cinema circle is about ghost cinemas, There is a background for the un natural trend rising of ghost movies in Tamil cinema, it’s because of the amazing success of Nayanthara’s ghost movie released Dora, the film obtained unexpected entry in to the hit chart. It’s really a fact that if Nayanthara acted in a ghost movie, the film will be run minimum 25 days, but recently there was a problem, the film Bahubali released and all expectations being failed , Now the Indian film world seeks the historical stories to created cinematic version by spending millions, Now Telugu super star Allu Arjun also in an effort to prepare a historical movie, Allu Arjun’s movie estimated a production cost of 500 million, the film makes in Telugu, Tamil and Hindi, the film plans to produce in 3D – three dimension visual effect. The film would have all cherecters in the mythology, the characters include Raman and Seethe etc. are the parts of the movie, the production banner now in the search for the heroines and actresses suitable for the characters, the shooting proposed to be start the shooting on October month, there is a saying that the character Seetha decided, it’s none other than one and only Nayanthara. Besides Tamanna and Anushaka are also in the list, but finally Nayanthara would wear the crown of Seetha.

Is Nayanthara Would Act as Seetha?
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