National Anthem to be performed in Cinemas

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National Anthem to be performed in Cinemas

National Anthem is the soul inspiration of every nation, and it’s an appreciating decision to set back National Anthem in Indian cinema theaters. Without the barriers of religion and caste India is a nation of love and fraternity, the integration has to protect. Undoubtedly National Anthem is the symbol of patriotism, where Hindu, Muslim, Christian are equal under one nation’s constitutional rights. The Supreme Court of India enforced National Anthem to theaters before starting of cinemas is an inevitable decision.

The Indian people whole heartedly welcomed and accepted the matter on National Anthem. Cinema Theater is a place where the most number of people enters viewing cinema. In the mechanized busy life, and with the survival run though not purposefully, the people forgets National Anthem, but this is a suitable verdict to remember National Anthem, to hear and to be heard . National Anthem encourages every citizen’s commitment to the nation; it will be helpful to remember the freedom struggle and freedom fighters including the one and only Mahatma Gandhi. It’s much better the application of National Anthem to home video centers and to TV channels of India.

National Anthem to be performed in Cinemas
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