Music is a Boon, Telling A.R Rahman

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Music is a Boon, Telling A.R Rahman

Internationally acclaimed and Oscar winner A.R Rahman has begun his musical career by creating a musical album.

His father R.K Shekhar was a well-known music director , A.R Rahman evaluates the career growth here, he is telling the first musical album that I was created became a detour and milestone. I have conducted the music for the movie through the confidence that I achieved from the same album.

In my career I often fell down and rise, every three year the attitude will be changes in the matter of music, after I returned from Hollywood and London my whole concept about music has been wholly changed.

I studied a lot, but still I don’t know whether my studies were for good or not? But many of my doubts are over, life is interesting while studying something, but after the completion of studies life will be boring.

Music is a Boon, Telling A.R Rahman
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