Mohanlal & Elephant Tusk Controversies

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Mohanlal & Elephant Tusk Controversies..

The news centered on elephant’s tusks kept in Mohanlal’s residence created controversies, Kerala Police and Forest Department were filed cases and are still continuing, the enemies of Mohanlal tried their efforts to spoil the image of Mohanlal, though there is something real, but a lot fabricated by his enmies. The elephant tusk problems pained Mohanlal and as everybody knows Mohanlal is a person submitted his entire life for Kerala,..

he respects all legal platforms, he respects Kerala Government and more over Mohanlal is a true patriotic. Media, TV Channels and Social Media are used their sources, but actually what’s happened? Mohanlal is person who likes to collect old substances and art materials ,and with the same habitual inspiration he has bought the elephant tusk and kept at home and Mohanlal himself says about this “He is a custodian” , he is demanded to cancel the case against him to kept the elephant tusk at home.

Mohanlal & Elephant Tusk Controversies
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