S Mohanlal, 'the definition of dedication Mohanlal, 'the definition of dedication

Mohanlal, ‘the definition of dedication.’

Mohanlal, ‘the definition of dedication.’

There is nothing to amaze, that Mohanlal, the namely word has a synonym as dedication, if we analyze and observe the acting world of Mohanlal, we’ll be reaching definitely in the conclusion that Mohanlal is an actor dedicated his life to 100% completion in every aspect. Mohanlal is such an actor who is couragious and bold enough to take any challenging roles, he is ready to suffer and taking the risk to fruit the characterization. Of course, Mohanlal is a complete actor, he is a rare breed apart acting without dupe and to confront every challenging situation.

The films like Dauthyam, Pulimurugan etc. are some of his risky characterization exposed movies. Mohanlal is an actor enjoying his characterization and acting situations, which are reluctant to perform by other Malayalam Heros and such sequences on the screen are getting claps in the theaters. Today such Mohanlal magical performances are spreading to other language films like Telugu, Tamil and Hindi. The reason for saying like that, because of Major Ravi’s newest Mohanlal movie.

One of the location is at Rajasthan, now the climate is very irresistible due to freezing cold and with the sand wind. Mohanlal, Major Ravi , and a big crew were camping there in the miserable shooting location. Mohanlal is acting in the film without any star boasting or arrogance, in the freeze cold locations, the actor focuses on the perfection of character and ultimately for the success of the film. He is beating the young generation actors; he rises from bed too early in the morning (4.AM) and preparing ready in front of the camera for a sunrise shot, he has given continually 25 days for Major Ravi, we have to understand him without any pre information.

Mohanlal & the Crew are very alert, they’re all being prepared for shooting too early in the morning (4.AM) and then there is a long journey (60 Kilometers), they vehicles moves only at a speed level of 40 Kilometer speed, because there are so many adjoining military regiments and check posts. Maybe there is a question, why taking so much hurdles and pain for a Malayalam film? Beyond this question, we have to appreciate the risk and the dedication of the whole crew, because the entire team including Major Ravi and Mohanlal are in an effort to visualize the sufferings of Indian Soldiers (jawans) to protect our life and nation. Wait until the releasing of the Major Ravi movie, Patriotism is a great passion.

Mohanlal, ‘the definition of dedication.’
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