S Manju Warrier’s reaction about Dileep & Kavya , Manju Warrier divorce Manju Warrier’s reaction about Dileep & Kavya , Manju Warrier divorce

Manju Warrier’s reaction about Dileep & Kavya , Manju Warrier divorce

Manju Warrier’s reaction about Dileep & Kavya , Manju Warrier divorce..

In the year 1998 October 20, actor Dileep tied the nuptial knot on the neck of Manju Warrier, in the year 2015 January – Dileep & Manju were divorced and separated and within a time span of 2 years , 2016, Nov 24 – actor Dileep marries Kavya Madhavan and they became couples. Now legally, Manju has no relationship with Dileep and she has posted a detailed letter in the FaceBook and the contents are given below:

I am a person likes to keep the privacy in my personal life and I value the privacy like you, the sorrows and happiness are our own, then why I extend a posing like this? While seeing certain happenings in our life, affects to another one’s life, it causes for some revealing in certain situations, it’ll be beneficial for those who loved us, stayed with us equally in our sorrows and happiness, to avoid their pain, to avoid the misunderstandings fabricated about them – such revealing of mine will be help full. We (Manju & Dileep) jointly took a decision to stop our 16 years lengthen married relationship and the family court finally approved our intention, we’re separated and legally we are not couples.

The decision for our divorce is strictly private and personal, unfortunately certain discussions are on the way, what’s the reason for the divorce? Who’re the persons caused behind our separation? But, I am only interested to limit the separation matters within our privacy. I have some friends like Geetu Mohandas, Samyuktha Verma, Bhavana, Poornima, Swetha Menon etc. and they were stood with me throughout my sorrows and happiness. Some spreads like, these said friends who’re the reason to the fate where I am confronting the problems, really such circulations pains me, hurts me. My decisions are mine, and i am the only person responsible for the consequences related with my decision.

There is no forcing or motivation from the said friends of mine. They don’t have to hear anything bad related with my decisions. But, the other kind of circulations being affected their personal and acting life, I believe- such misunderstandings will be over after this posting. I whole heartedly requests sorry, pardon me for all in conveniences and mental disturbances caused due to my personal laps. I am praying for Dileep to achieve new heights in his acting career. I know the depth of Meenootty’s love to her father, better than anyone and she’ll be safe in his caring and love. So I never likes for a battle for my right in her – me, her mother is not far away , I am near to her just a call away distance. I am starting everything from one, my life and earnings, Or it can be say as re incarnation. I know, the success of a film, is not the measure of life success.

In my second life turn, I am facing so many criticisms, love, greetings, appreciations etc., I really thanks to everybody. I remember a line “big like a sea”, You never realize how strong you are? Until bring strong is the only option, you have a life – this is a letter, Manju Warrier posted in the Face Book. Hence, after their detachment of relationship, Dileep responded in the court that Manju will be my good friend always, because she is the mother of my daughter. The love and marriage of star couples and the divorce and the very new Dileep & Kavya wedding are Kerala’s sensational news’s.

Manju Warrier’s reaction about Dileep & Kavya , Manju Warrier divorce
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