S Magalir Mattum A ladies Special Movie Magalir Mattum A ladies Special Movie

Magalir Mattum A ladies Special Movie

Magalir Mattum A ladies Special Movie

A film is going to release Makaliyar Mattum in Tamil, the film has many specialties, the film is a women oriented movie, main actors who holds the main characters are Jyothika, Urvasi, Sharanya, Bhanu Priya etc, the heroine in the film and handles the lead character is Jyothika, the said heroine actresses were once very shined celluloid heroines, the film directs by Brahma, the said directed makes a joining of the for heroines in one frame, a majority of married women are very capable and artistically talented, before the marriage perhaps they were good singers, good dancers, good writers or anything like that with many capabilities, but after their marriage the women are being forced to abandon their talents and capabilities, and more over they been tied with their responsibilities as wives, they have to live supporting the husband’s family and obviously they became only family oriented.

While they enters in to their middle age the mentally and physical downs due to the losing of their stock and capacities. In India, especially an approximate 70% women are meets the similar fate, only a very rare number of women return backs by recover their talents and capabilities. The film Makaliar Mattum is a film like this, the film is the story of three women, Jyothika plays the leading role in the film, the very different women oriented film Makaliyar Mattum directs by Brahma soon hits the south Indian cinema stations.

Magalir Mattum A ladies Special Movie
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