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“Macta” is Celebrating the Silver Jubilee

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“Macta” is Celebrating the Silver Jubilee

Macta, the Malayalam cinema technician’s organization proposed to held the silver jubilee selebrations next year and in connection with the same function Macta have begun the activates, they’re planting 25 memory trees for the memory of the expired Macta members and they’ll continue the jubilee activities prolonged for one year.

They have decide to plant the memory tress in the locality where the cinema academy proposed to be start at Thiruvananthapuram. Macta has decided to held a four days lengthen nature camp this year October, this nature camp held in association with the Kerala Forest Department.

This nature camp held by Macta gives opportunity to participate 40 members in absolute free entry. Moreover, Macta has decided honor music director and Chennai resident K.J Joy and Cameraman Melli Iraani , both are residing at Chennai, and Macta decided to honor them at a Chennai venue.

“Macta” is Celebrating the Silver Jubilee
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