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Lena Likes Reading

She is a very talented actress, she is none other than Lena, an actress who very successfully handles character roles, Lena conquered the Malayalam cinema and she is a very favorite actress of Malayalam audience, Lena performed exceptionally well in Let Right Left, Iyyobinte Pusthakam, Velli Moonga, Vikramaadithyan, Nirnaayakam, Spirit, Ennu Ninte Moytheen,Honey Bee 2 etc, Now Lena is very busy, her newest movies going to be release are Paviyettante Madhura Chooral,Rama leela, in Tamil Un Kaathal irunthaal, in Telugu Dr. Chakravarthy etc, as an actress Lena has obtained so many awards, she is very special, her hobby is reading, she likes and loves reading good books, her father has given her the guidance to read good books and of course her father is the dame person encouraged her to read books, Lena has taken master degree in Psychiatry, so she prefers reading psychological books, lena is telling through the reading habit we/ would be able to understand many things, besides her eading habit helps her to improve her acting career, she is being noticeable as a multiliguistic actress, all the best Lena..

Lena Likes Reading
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