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Kushboo meets Suffering Season

Years back, Khusboo was a heroine star queen of Tamil cinema, her fans blindly loved Kushboo , and in her good time her fans built a temple for Kushboo in Tamil Nadu. But, now Kushboo’s time is worsen, according to Tamil film world – she is now in her most bad time, in certain time, she has been involved in controversies, Now there is a new news: Kushboo is stepping courtrooms by creating new controversies.

The problem was begun from TV channel, In a program where family problems are getting remedy, un expectedly there was a problem hit Kushboo and she is now stepping an down from courts. Kushboo has been tried to physical attack to a house hold man, against such activity of Kushboo , some actresses and organizations agitated and now her own party Congress is also against her, whatever be this a very worse time for Kushboo.

Kushboo meets Suffering Season
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