You Know There is an Actress Nick Naamed as Bangalore Tomato

You Know There is an Actress Nick Naamed as Bangalore Tomato

Many of us don’t likes call us a nickname, and not likes to know around in nick name, But there is an actress in south India, she is a multi-linguistic actress likes everyone calls her nick name as Bangalore Tomato, she has no problem or worry about call her as Bangalore Tomato, the actress who like call her nick name is none other than Nanditha, she is telling she has no worry that everyone calls her Bangalore Tomato , the reason as per Nanditha is it’s the symbol of her influence in others, the same actress told everyone that she is known as Bangalore Tomato, she is very proud of known to be as Bangalore Tomato , the nick name holder Nanditha has acted in many films as heroine like Neekku Naakka, Dash Dash, Prema katha chithram, London Bridge etc and recently she has acted an important role in the Malayalam movie Raam Leela and Dileep is the hero, though Nanditha is a Bombay native , she likes to live in Bangalore. Nanditha is very happy, while there is no shooting in Chennai, because of she likes much Bangalore especially the climate in Bangalore. If she gets time and leisure during the shooting schedules she goes to Bangalore, she likes drive inside Bangalore all over, her nickname Bangalore Tomato is the result of her abnormal love and affection to Bangalore city.

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