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keerthi suresh becoming hot

This brief is about Keerthi Suresh, the daughter of well-known Malayalam heroine Menaka and producer Suresh. Keerthi is a very beautiful girl and obviously she is a heroine having enormous talent.

She has acted opposite to Tamil super star Vijay and she is acting in Telugu too, her debut movie in Telugu “ Maha Nadi”is a super hit all over south India.

Once in the initial time of her arrival to cinema, in an interview she were informed, she would never going to act glamorous roles, it means in front of the movie camera, she would never going to reduce her clothing.

Recently for a photo shoot, she had performed showing some nudity, the photo shoot was for a magazine and Keerthi Suresh has appeared glamorously (means she has reduced her clothing to an extent), yes a majority of our younger heroines are like something special, they would say” I never going to act anything showing a reduced clothing way. But later they accept their own mistakes and try to perform glamorously.

keerthi suresh becoming hot
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