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Kavi Uddheshichchathu

A film is coming with full of comedy to entertain Malayalam cinema lovers and the film is “Kavi Uddheshichchathu.” , it’s film proposed to be shoot in remote village and the rib characters of the movie.A film is coming to entertain the Malayalam cinema lovers, full length comedy threaded “Kavi Uddheshichchathu” the film will be very different and the characters are happily enjoying their role at “Alli Moola” – a very remote village specially created for the film.,

This is the story of vengeance and the story goes through the life circle of two youngsters and a third party who also interfere between them aiming for his personal advantages. The people residing at Alli Moola are very typical, they’re innocents and they don’t know the hypocrisy of modern people who live in the town. The Alli Moolites are the people who follows old thinking’s and they fruits the name same as Alli Moola.

Kaavalam Jimmi and vattaththil Bosco are the main characters in the film Kavi Uddheshichchathu. They’re like enemies, because of during their schooling days, Jimmi has pissed in his trousers and Bosco tried frequent mocking on this, and due to this they became lifelong foes. The third party Minnal Simon is also a character who purposefully taking benefits from their worse relationship.

The film Kavi uddheshichchathu will be a best comedy entertainer and this film also shows the remote village life styles and the natural innocence of the people who lives there, Asif Ali is acting as “Kavalam Jimmi” and Naren as Vattaththil Bosco. The film is going through full of comedy, and Biju Menon also casts as “Minnal Simon”, a very important character in Kavi Uddheshichchathu . The script writers “Thomas Kutty and Martin Duro” are comparatively new, but they’re very talented.

Kavi Uddheshichchathu , would be a comedy film, which have all ingredients to satisfy the family audience, other characters in the film are played by Balu Varghese, Sunil Sugatha, Sudhi Coppa, Kalinga Sasi, Bijukkuttan, Ganapathi, Abhishek, Dinesh Nair, Lena, Bindu Panikker, Sijo Rose, Veena Nair etc. The shooting of Kavi Uddheshichchathu is progressing, and the music composed by Vinu – Thomas Jeyk and Bijoy. Cinematography – Shahanas’ Jalal and Editing – Sunil Pilla. Kavi Uddheshichchathu is nearing completion and will be released soon.

Kavi Uddheshichchathu
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