Kamal Hasan and Rajiv Kumar

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Kamal Hasan and Rajiv Kumar

A conjoin after 25 years would be happy to everyone, and T.K Rajiv Kumar is presenting a comedy thriller after the releasing of Chanakyan , 25 years ago and Kamala Hasan , the same hero of Chanakyan is acitng with same director T.K Rajiv Kumar. The shooting is proposed to start at “Nadikar Samgham” , office. (The Tamil Actors organization) and the film will be a comedy thriller.,

This film holds a specialty that, in this film Sruthy Hasan, the daughter of Kamal Hasan is also acting. America is the location, where 40% of this film is planned to shoot and the cinema will be released at same time both in Malayalam and Tamil.

Kamal Hasan and Rajiv Kumar
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