Kadhal Sandhya Being Experienced the Lust Impacts

Kadhal Sandhya Being Experienced the Lust Impacts

Recently Kaathal sandhay revealed an unpleasant experience she being affected, it’s an act of rape, while she is acting in the movie Kaathal in Tamil, the shooting was held at a classroom in the college, after finished the shooting Kaathal Sandhaya were walking through a narrow path, some men who came to view the shooting surrounded her, they touched and hold the boobs of her, Sandya wept and run fast to her mother and escaped from the raping attempt. And there is another raping event experienced her, she was returning by a car after completed her shooting, three young men followed her car riding on their bike, she was on her return to the hotel room, they over take and blockedher car and asked her to step down from the car, But the driver was a courageous and wise man, he very tactfully collide their bikes and drive forward to save Kaathal Sandhya, she is telling our society is too bad, the women are mentally and physically experiences the attack and harassment, the male lust is un controllable.

Kadhal Sandhya Being Experienced the Lust Impacts
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