S Jomon T. John Steps in To Hollywood Jomon T. John Steps in To Hollywood

Jomon T. John Steps in To Hollywood

Did you remember the cinematographer Jomon T. John, he is the husband of ann Augustine and handled camera stunningly for certain films like Beautiful, Thattathin Marayathu, Ayalum Njanum Thammil, Ennu Ninte Moytheen, Charli etc, all the mentioned movies in which Jomon T. John handled the cinematography are super hits Malayalam movies, he is a genius who knows the pulse of excellent camera work, he is absorbing the natural beauty though his lenses and all his cinematography jobs are exceptionally superb, he is the only one youngster cinematographer of Malayalam cinema keeps the dexterous talents, recently Joe Mon came to Tamil cinema to establish his signature as a cinematographer, he was the camera man for the film directed by Vikram Gautham Menon’s Druva Nakshathram, but due to the force of Bollywood directors and producers he has abandoned the Druva Nakshathram project and reached in Bollywood and joined for work with the movie Golmal Returns, the date for both the movies came at a same time (for Druv Nakshathram and Golmal Returns) and Joe Mon became confused, then he decided (to improve the career) to join the team of Golmal Returns, the main actors in the movie are Akashya Kumar, Rohit Sjetty, parineeth Chopra, Thabu etc.

Jomon T. John Steps in To Hollywood
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