S Indian Super Star Rajinikanth Enters Age 66

Indian Super Star Rajinikanth Enters Age 66

Indian Super Star Rajinikanth Enters Age 66

Indian Super Star Rajinikanth Enters Age 66

The Indian Cinema Super Star and Style King of south India turns age 66 last December 12, the star of stars Rajinikanth’s birthday is on December 12. But, he informed all his fans and admirers, due to the death of former Prime Minister Jayalalitha – there is no need of celebrations. Generally, the birth day of Rajinikanth celebrates like a festival all over Tamil Nadu. Last year due to the heavy rain and flood Rajinikanth decided to avoid birthday celebrations.

Really in Indian cinema there is only one super star, that’s Rajinikanth, for the last four decades (40 years)the star value of Rajinikanth is shining like a real star, still Rajinikanth is the No.1 in south India and obviously there is no substitute for him. From his debut movie Apoorva Raaganagal to the upcoming Enthiran 2- , Rajinikanth is like a phenomenan. He still amazes hundreds of thousands of audiences as style mannan (Style King) through his released movies up to recently released Kabali.

We have seen super-duper hits of Rajinikanth like Basha, Arunachalam, Padayappa, Muthu, Yenthiranand all the mentioned movies were one man shows of Rajinikanth, the movies were enriched with commercial contents and Rejnikant is like an icon and he has created an aura and for the last 40 years we were witnessing the magical presence of Rejnikant on cinema screen. He has gained hundred thousands of fans and admirers through his acting talent and his style, that we mention Rejni style. He is an actor with enormous talent. But the Tamil film producers and directors failed to find his acting caliber, they had given him less acting and much stylish performing roles.

After decades, it was director Maniratnam who were given him a character with noticeable acting possibilities and the film was Dalapathy. The new generations follow the styles and mannerism of Rajinikanth and he is really an un paralleled super star of India. There are so many punch dialogues only to create for Rajinikanth, some are like the latest Kabali da, Njan oruthadavu sonnal athu nooru thadavu sonna mathiri, Leytta vanthalum. Lettesta varuve, Aandavan solva, Arunachalam seyva, En vazhi thani vazhi, Panneenkalam koottama varuve, aana Singam singila varuve, Iniyen pathai sinagila pathai etc. are the punch dialogues especially created for Rejnikant.

Such dialogue are a prime factor fixed the Rejni’s star look and to support for an effective performance. Its noticeable that the Rajinikanth films came after nineties (1990) hold the name of Rejni’s title characters. Rajinikanth’s fans include laymen and cinema technicians. Director Ramgopal once said: Rajinikanth is extra ordinary, while Rajini appears on the screen, the audience keenly watching him interestingly, the other characters on the screen acting with him are losing their relevance, in his personal life Rajinikanth keeps simplicity, in many occasions Rajinikanth opened his on stands and created certain controversies. Have you ever thought of Why Rajinikanth grown like Himalaya and achieved the highest peak of stardom? It’s a subject to observe and study, he is not much attractive, his complexion is black, health is very normal and physique is lean, yes Rajinikanth is a star of limitations, but through his hard work and dedication he successfully overcome all his limitations and later he became the super star of Tamil cinema.

In Abroad countries, there is no other star holds a largest volume of fans like Rajinikanth. From bus conductor to the Indian super stardom is not a simple thing, it’s the real thrilling story of Shivaj Rav Gekvad, a Maharashtrian became the most popular actor and super star of Indian screen, yes it’s like an un believable granny tale. An average person with limitations gained the hearts of hundreds thousands of admirers and fans of Indian cinema and being grown like Himalaya. It’s one and only Rajinikanth, who presents the courageous warrior roles on screen and continuously enjoying mass applause, he still keeps the No. 1 position and the film Enthiran 2 may be the birthday gift (66 years) for the audience .

Indian Super Star Rajinikanth Enters Age 66
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