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The humbleness of Thala Ajith

This brief goes through the humbleness of Thala Ajith, the super star of south Indian cinema. We had heard a lot of praising about the character of Ajith, the south Indian super star.

The south Indian cinema’s reliable sources says, though he is a super star, Ajith is too simple and humble, recently there was a happening. For the shooting of Vishwaasam (Ajith’s latest movie), the entire team have left to Hyderabad the shooting session was decided at the Ramoji Rao studios.

During the period of shooting Ajith was accommodated in s room in one of the top 5 star hotels in Hyderabad and the shooting were continued. But the shooting never competed in the decided time bound.

Two more days are needed to finish the shooting and due to the arrival the Bollywood super star Ranbeer Kapoor (his accommodation dates starts from Ajith’s finished date at the hotel), the hotel authorities asked Ajith to vacate the room, only because of the confirmed date with the Mumbai super star.

But, without any hesitation Ajith had vacated the room, he had even created any problem, he said I want a bed and fan, it’s enough for me. While hearing Ajith’s response, the hotel authorities and the crew of Vishwasam are amazed, they thought Ajith would create problem, because he is also a south Indian super star.

Without expressing any arrogance, but with humbleness Ajith said “ we don’t have to disturb other shooting parties, or creating any problems. I am OK with a bed and fan, there is no problem of inconvenience.

The humbleness of Thala Ajith
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