Hollywood open the doors to Kamal Hasan

Hollywood open the doors to Kamal Hasan

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Hollywood open the doors to Kamal Hasan

Ulaka Naayakan Kamala Hasan directs a Hollywood movie, and he has prepared to conquer world cinema, he says a majority of the Hollywood films are filled with action, horror and adventure and the film directed by him would change the routine styles of releasing films in Hollywood .Directing a Hollywood film was an ambition of Kamal Hasan cherished in mind for long years, but now the suitable time has joined with him to direct a film in Hollywood.

The film will be a family entertainer and it would have everything to entertain all families all over the world especially in America and European countries. The Indians are waiting to see the Ulakanaayakan’s Holly wood movie entirely different from previous structures and filled with family sentiments and comedy.

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