S Does the Film Industry Abandoned Karthika?

Does the Film Industry Abandoned Karthika?

Does the Film Industry Abandoned Karthika?

Do you know, or did you remember the actress Karthika, she is the daughter of Radha, the sister of Ambika once the super heroine in Malayalam and Tamil, they were (Ambika and Radha) were once very busiest heroines of Malayalam and Tamil, and Kaarthika is the daughter of Radha. She was the heroine in many super hit Tamil movies, Karthika came to cinema at a very younger age and stage even before she gains the maturity, perhaps this may be the reason she never achieved the stardom as her mother Radha or her elder sister Ambika. Karrthika strived hard to get a better position in Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu movies.

but all her efforts were in vain and she has given an interval to her acting career, May be with the reason that she was a filure to obtain a good position in cinema field, she now acts in a TV serial, the story handles by the Narrator of Bahubali, now telecasts in Starplus – Aarambh is the title of the TV serial, Karthika acts as the heroine and lead character Deva Sena, and now Karthika made a return back to acting , she is very confident in front of the camera, the TV serial Aarambh caste karthika as heroine is a historical epic, the said Tv serial is a mega project, Karthika has practiced sword fights , horse ride, elephant fight etc, the serial obtained vast popularity and Karthika believed to be very famous.

Does the Film Industry Abandoned Karthika?
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