Father finds illegal sex of famous actress daughter and man handles

Father finds illegal sex of famous actress daughter and man handles

A news came from Mumbai that Actor Shakti Kapoor has man handled her daughter due to her flirting with actor Farhan Akthar, and taken her by floor moving , Sradha kappor, the daughter of Shakthi Kapoor is heroine she has acted in many Hindi films, her father Shakthi Kapoor got informed that her daughter has illegal sexual relationship with Hindi actor Farhan Akthar, Shakthi became furious

Farhan is married and he is the father of two children, his wife’s name is Aduna, farhan Akthar and Aduna are leading a happy life for the last 15 years and their family life was gone better in every aspect, but their happiness are loosed recently, they were divorced last year, according to Mumbai news, and it’s Sradha Kapoor is the reason for their divorce, she reached Farhans house in the first day after the divorce and they became co habituated without marrying each other. Such an unhappy incident being caused Shakthi Kapoor troubled and furious , he directly reached Frhans home slapped her daughter Sradha, but she is telling such a story is fake and fabricated, some are trying to tarnish her family, I am living in my own home, whatever be , there is no smoke without fire.

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