“Ezra” Shooting: Original haunted effect in the Bungalow

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“Ezra” Shooting: Original haunted effect in the Bungalow

Two weeks after started the shooting for the movie Ezra, in the location especially at the bungalow there were many thing happened un usually, a majority are Para normal experiences, the entire crew of Ezra was in fear , they felt ghost experiences. The movie camera became stuck, and the shooting being stopped. Hence the director seek the help of a priest, he came and showered the holy water everywhere in the set. Then only the shooting re started.

The director said he was not a believer in such negative forces, but the team including camera man told, there was negative feeling to everyone in the team, while heard first, everyone though it’s only a marketing trick of the film. Many were in the shooting set and location said they were experienced abnormal haunted feelings. In the location of many horror films in Hollywood, the same type para normal happenings were reported. The heroine Priya Anand also said she were also experienced something fearful.

“Ezra” Shooting: Original haunted effect in the Bungalow
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