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Dulquer Salmaan’s ambitions & romance

A Bike Race to Himalayan Valleys , it’s an ambition of Dulquer Salmaan and he is preparing for the two wheeler sportsman spirit to reach the Himalayan Valleys, for the same purpose Dulqar is awaiting for getting some leisure days and to go for the expedition. Bikes and Bike Races are Dulquers favorite subject and he hugs the movie experience of Neelakaasham, Pachcha kadal ,Chuvanna bhoomi, because of the film is a road movie and subject is about a two wheeler expedition from Ernakulam to Nagaland.

In the film Satyan Anthikkadu’s Jomonte Suvisheshangal – Dulquer rides a bike – Triumphs Bor ville Bike and from his childhood Dulqar is a fan of Triumph’s Born ville Bike. Hollywood actor Stev Mcquin renowned as King of cool, and Dulqar is a fan of Steve Macquin too – he has seen so many Stev Macquin movies and form his childhood he likes Born Ville bikes, he has seen so many times StrevMacquin’s Great Escape, in the movie Steve Mcquin rides a triumph Born Ville bike and like him,

Dulquer dreamt to own a Triumph Born Ville bike and two years back his ambition bloomed , Dulquer bought a Triuphs Born Ville bike and has given price 8 lakhs. Now it costs nine lakh rupees, after bought the bike Dulquer has spent three and half rupees for another fittings, and to express the respect to Stev Macquin Duklqar has changed head light and tyres and painting also changed. Now, Triumphs Born Ville costs from 9 lakhs to 28 lakhs, Dulqar tried, run all Bikes and bought the base model bike. Dulquer has the authoritative knowledge about all kind of bikes, he uses 865 cc bikes, to ride big bikes certain experience is needed, Dulquer owned Danadav’s GS1200 model bike also, and it costs 36 lakhs.

Dulquer likes and loves asventerous bikes and classic bikes. When Dulquer gets leisure’s he goes for bike rides, it’s a Dulquer hobby, a youngster Jobin who works in the store of Triuph Born Ville bikes is one of Dulquers friend enjoying long rides. Jobin is telling Dulqar never likes rash driving, Dulquer has bought a BMW bike from Bangalore, and he has driven the bike from Bangalore to Ernakulam, From Palghat a friend and Jobin were joined Dulquer for bike ride, Now Dulquer is in prperation for Bike ride to Himalayan valleys, Now, did you get anything about Dulquers thrust and passion? Dulqar never abandons Bikomania..

Dulquer Salmaan’s ambitions & romance
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