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The Dream of Mamtha Mohandas

The Dream of Mamtha Mohandas

Mamtha’s father’s house is at Bahrain and by the same reason she has born and brought up and studied at Manama Bahrain.

In former days, it was her first director Hariharan who were selected the characters for Mamtha and he was an advisor of Mamtha in every aspect. Right now her father , mother and Mamtha are jointly selecting the character for her.

She is not interested to act frequently in cinemas, it’s because of she has certain health problems. About her reluctance Mamtha is saying like this, I have some health problems, then is’nt sometime is needed to enjoy the life? Mamtha is an actress with a habit of very accurately workout and she is obviously a foodie, she eats a lot.

Her birthday is at the same day (Nov.14th) when India’s first prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru born, at present she is dreaming of the different characters coming to her, Mamtha has a prayer, she need a healthy body, tranquil mind and to be loved by everyone. Yes, this is Mamtha Mohandas.

The Dream of Mamtha Mohandas
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